Control your risk

Manage risk and
 drive approval

Identify and block suspicious payments, and the fraudsters behind them, using rules tailored to your business needs.

Circuit Breaker monitors every transaction, using a flexible scoring system and responsive fraudster detection, to catch the fraud before it catches you.

Tailored risk control

Build your risk strategy

Strike the right balance between payment fraud protection and approval rates for your business. Use our highly configurable rules engine and block lists to monitor and manage potential fraud.

Block the fraudsters

Create fraudster blocklists

Block fraudsters using criteria such as device fingerprint, their email, the bank they use and their trading history or IP address.


Risk calculator

100-point risk score

Received payments are assigned a score based on rules governing transaction volume and value.

You can also establish velocity safeguards on individual payers. If this equals 100 or more, the transaction is blocked.


Protect your business

Intelligent fraud protection

To successfully fight fraud, you need to be one step ahead. Circuit Breaker’s features enable you to do this, while complying with local regulations on transaction amounts and authentication.

Real-time decisions

With Circuit Breaker, there’s no need to manually determine if transactions are fraudulent.

Access transaction data

Open declined transactions to see which rules were breached or which fraudsters blocked.


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API integration

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Visit our developer hub to find out how to securely and reliably integrate our super gateway via a single API.


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