Introducing transformer

Intelligent bank recognition

When a shopper chooses to pay by bank-issued debit or credit card at the checkout, Transformer intelligently recognises who they bank with.

You’re then free to incentivise a better, more seamless payment experience – one that your customers will keep using, and one with far lower transaction fees.

Shifting preferences

Why it’s needed

Merchants are lumbered with high card interchange fees, but they shouldn’t be. Open banking payments are their natural successor.

Card payments, though, are habitual for shoppers. Transformer is what’s needed to encourage them to make the cost-saving switch to open banking.

Bespoke incentives

Powerful prompts

The beauty of Transformer is that you’re free to create your own shopper incentive, from reward points and discounts to priority access and freebies.

After all, why not pass some of your savings back to your loyal customers?

Repeat purchases

Shoppers keep coming back

Our data shows that 80% of shoppers who try open banking payments make repeat purchases, using the same method, within one month.

Transformer is the means to convince customers that bank-direct payments – which are easy, fast and safe – are the natural successor to card transactions.


Fast, easy

How it works

Grapghic part 0

A shopper chooses to pay by card and starts entering the first six to eight digits

Grapghic part 1

Transformer recognises who they bank with and prompts them to instead pay by bank

Grapghic part 2

After acting on the prompt, the shopper confirms their new payment method

Grapghic part 3

They’re then forwarded to their bank to authorise and complete the payment

Key benefits

Save money,
delight customers

Transformer liberates businesses from unnecessary fees while helping customers realise the benefits of open banking payments.


Bypass excessive debit and credit card interchange fees.


Boost shopper loyalty by creating powerful incentives.


Real-time settlements: no more waiting for days.


Improve conversion by providing a faster, easier way to pay.

Fees saved 250k Graph

Fast, easy

Transformer use cases


OTAs & airlines

With high ATVs, online travel agents and airlines really feel the sting of high interchange fees. They also have the inevitable headache of customer cancellations and refunds.

Transformer facilitates the switch to real-time open banking payments and refunds – which dramatically accelerates cashflow.

Further, travel merchants can incentivise repeat bookings by offering reward points for customers who make the switch.


Online gaming

Card deposits and withdrawals are the norm in online gaming. But their slow settlement times make prompt payouts tricky.

This isn’t good for gaming merchants or gamers. Transformer, however, offers seamless access to a superior alternative.

It also gives merchants the chance to offer gamers who try open banking payments a reward – such as a modest bonus.


Car rental

Car rentals and longer-term subscriptions have established themselves as alternatives to car ownership – but high interchange fees mean merchants are feeling the pinch.

Transformer helps motorists understand that there’s an easier way to pay; one that, by virtue of near-instant settlements, gives them more control of their money.

Merchants can encourage the switch to bank-direct payments with a shopper reward: anything from bonus miles to vehicle upgrades.


E-commerce stores

Large retailers make thousands of sales every day. Imagine how much they could save on interchange fees if their customers were offered a seamless switch to open banking payments.

Smaller, specialist retailers with high ATVs also suffer. Why should they get disproportionally stung whenever they make a sale?

Aside from helping retailers save money, Transformer allows them to reward loyal customers with meaningful incentives. It’s win, win.


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