Pay by Link

Send your customers a link to pay directly from their bank account – securely and at lightning speed – wherever they happen to be.

Pay by Link enables shoppers to buy where and when they want, with the least possible friction. Never miss an opportunity to convert.


Check out, everywhere

From email and SMS to chatbots and invoices, payment links can be sent quickly and easily via any customer channel.

It’s why Pay by Link is perfect for B2C and B2B brands, and why it’s an ideal facilitator of real-time open banking payments.


Why it’s needed

For B2C brands, Pay by Link doesn’t just boost conversion. It also helps them capture revenue lost to failed transactions and abandoned carts.

For B2B brands, secure payment links eliminate the risk and error associated with manually retyping invoice data.

Fast, easy

How it works

How to generate a Pay by Link request

Generate a Pay by Link request detailing the currency, amount and a unique identifier.

Send a Pay by Link to your customers

Share the request with your customer, either using a secure link or a QR code.

Pay by Link: successful payment confirmation screen

The customer opens the link or scans the QR code to initiate an open banking payment.


Data capabilities

Pay by Link is designed to work with any external system you have – allowing you to scale and automate your operations.

API driven

Easily integrate Pay by Link using a simple, powerful REST API.


Use Pay by Link across the European Economic Area and UK.

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Pay By Link

Use cases



Live chat or chatbots are an effective, efficient way of refining a customer’s order and steering them to making a purchase – especially in the travel sector.

Pay by Link acts as the organic conclusion to these conversations – a way to quickly and easily secure a booking, minus any redirects.

B2B platforms


QR code payment links are ideally suited to B2B invoices because they’re seamless. There’s no manual data entry.

Links also help with chasing unpaid invoices. Simply add them to email or SMS reminders.