Effortless e-commerce

Paying online shouldn’t involve entering card numbers, expiry dates and verification codes.

That’s why we enable you to check out directly from your banking app or online banking.

Plastic-free payments

Cards are clunky. Payments depend on manually inputting data. And, sooner or later, all cards expire. They run the risk of being lost or stolen, too.

Fast, easy

Ultimate payment

Bypass cards by securely paying from your bank account. It’s quicker, easier and more secure. It’s the future.

Choose Volt at 
the checkout

Then select your bank before approving the payment in your banking app or online banking.

Complete your payment

It’s that simple. No logging in. No manual data entry. Ultimate payment freedom.

Conversion 100%

Try Pay by Bank

Discover the ease of paying by bank. Use the screen on the right to make a one-time donation to UNICEF (originally created for our #StandWithUkraine campaign).

100% of your donation will go to the charity.

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Your questions answered

No. You don’t need to register with Volt to use us.

Yes. E-wallets store your card or bank account information, and require you to log in. Volt neither stores this information, nor requires a login.

Because you don’t manually enter or share your card or bank account information at the checkout, this information cannot be targeted.

No, unless you specifically ask us to remember your bank, which allows you to check out even faster next time.

No. After we securely connect you to your banking app or online banking, you’ll see that the merchant’s details are pre-populated for your approval.

Yes. Our platform is inherently robust and resilient. You can find out more about how it works, and why it’s so reliable, here.

Yes. Open banking is the practice of enabling third-party financial service providers like Volt access to your bank account to initiate a service – in our case, payments.

We’re authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 925340.

Open banking, unpacked

Visit our blog to learn more about open banking and how it’s changing how we pay.

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