Cloud-based visibility

Command and control

Stay in control of high-velocity cash cycles with 360-degree transaction views, backed up by powerful reporting.

Fuzebox is cloud-based for full flexibility – enabling you to give the people in your business access to the information they need, wherever they are.

Stay in control

You’re in the
driver’s seat

Self-service configurations. Set access rights across your organisation. Build organogram structures for payments functionality.

Whether you’re a merchant organisation or full-scale PSP, Fuzebox customer hierarchies are tailor-made for corporate structures of varying complexities.

Essential insight

Granular data visibility

Fuzebox is your window on the data you need to optimise cash flows. Monitor individual transactions and payment success rates.

Based on your preferences, you can also receive push notifications via API as payments move through the value chain.

Drive the metrics

Optimise conversion with
State Machine

Fuzebox’s payment lifecycle tracker, State Machine, holds everyone in the value chain accountable while providing maximum visibility. Engineered to optimise conversion, State Machine knows when, how and why payments fail.

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Payment freedom

You’re in control

With Fuzebox, you’re in control right from the start. Have the freedom to self-board, to access detailed payment reports, and to try new features as soon as they’re released.

Downloadable reports

Easily download CSV files detailing all received payments from any given timeframe.

Test new features

Try new tools and integrations by switching between sandbox and live at the flick of a switch.


Our product suite

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API integration

By developers,

for developers

Visit our developer hub to find out how to securely and reliably integrate our super gateway via a single API.


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