What is Pix?

Brazil’s instant payments platform, launched in 2020 by the country’s central bank, is centred on instant settlements, 24/7 availability and low fees – attributes that have sparked huge adoption among businesses and consumers.

With more than 155 million users, Pix is now Brazil’s most popular payment method – and the second most-used real-time payment system globally, behind only India’s United Payments Interface (UPI).


What’s behind
Pix’s success?

From country-wide bank participation – more than 825 financial institutions in Brazil are integrated with Pix – to a payments landscape ripe for innovation, it’s little wonder that Pix has been so widely adopted.

Success is also down to Pix embracing the spirit of open banking. Because participants aren’t limited to banks, payment providers such as Volt can drive adoption by offering a seamless integration to global merchants with expansion ambitions.


Seamless expansion
into Brazil

We’ve integrated Pix into our global real-time payment network, enabling you to seamlessly accept payments from in Brazil. Why so seamless? Because you don’t need a local entity. We act as your merchant of record.

Switching on Pix with Volt also means benefitting from cross-border settlements. Consumers pay in Brazilian real; you receive the funds in your local currency via competitive FX rates. It’s the easiest way to expand into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.