Complete visibility

Your improved cash cycle

Track open banking payments from initiation to receipt with complete visibility of the payment value chain. Connect effortlessly collects and reconciles funds, handles exceptions, and processes payouts and refunds.

What makes Connect truly unique is its data analytics, which turbo-charge conversion, accelerate cashflow and streamline operations.

Data visibility

Analytics and insights

Connect’s data insights measure performance and optimise conversion. With real-time data and analytics, we’re able to smart route payments for speed and resilience based on TPP performance.

Connect predicts settlement times and rates as well as the probability of success. It even knows the likelihood of a payment being initiated by a fraudster.


Essential functionality


Designed to address the practical requirements of payments teams, Connect combines cash management with operationalising open banking payments to their full potential.

Real-time reconciliations

Track reconciliation line by line in a virtual IBAN issued by Volt.

Exceptions management

Intelligent exceptions management means less manual intervention.

FX and sweeps

Accept multiple currencies in your IBAN. Receive sweeps into your usual account.

Payouts and refunds

The final piece of the open payments jigsaw. Initiate both, seamlessly.

Maximising success

Volt payment flow

By being at the centre of payment flows, we’re perfectly positioned to facilitate and monitor success rates.

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For everyone

Built with business
needs in mind

Connect is designed and built for both businesses with high-velocity cash cycles and PSPs with complex enterprise structures. It brings real-time open banking payments to everyone.

Automated reconciliations

Review, resolve and expedite payment resolutions in real time, minus the manual operational burden.

Reconciliation reports

Stay on top of your accounting with automatic reconciliation reports that easily integrate into your ERP system.

ROI 420%


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API integration

By developers,

for developers

Visit our developer hub to find out how to securely and reliably integrate our super gateway via a single API.


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