Volt announces the launch of its new brand

Beautiful. Simple. Lightning fast.

We’re excited today to announce the launch of our new brand. It’s bolder, brighter and more inclusive.

We aspired to a new look that reflects the energy behind our core ambition: to accelerate the shift to real time. It’s exciting. It’s restless. And because it touches all of our lives, it’s human. We believe it will change commerce forever.

Our logo

By sharpening the ‘V’, we’ve made our logo more obviously a symbol of freedom. It’s been liberated. It feels energetic. By bringing down the horizontal line, the ends of the ‘V’ now resemble connectors allowing a current to flow.

Our colour palette

Navy blue, vibrant green and cobalt blue now make up our palette: colours that signal authority, opportunity, prosperity and trust. We’re using white to emphasise clarity and simplicity, and to allow our assets – especially our ground-breaking product UI – to breathe.

Our fonts

We’ve introduced two new fonts – one that’s purposeful and elegant, another that’s attention-grabbing and playful. They’ll help us articulate important ideas, and inject emotion into our messaging, when speaking to different audiences.

Our imagery

It’s not our tech per se that defines us, but how it makes our customers and end users feel. This is what our new imagery reflects. We offer people ultimate payment freedom – and that means feeling alive, being in the moment and, above all, experiencing joy. Payments don’t have to be painful. Transactions don’t have to feel techy.

Our voice

The way we speak is changing, too. We recognise that open banking payments are still new, and that their benefits need unpacking for the people set to benefit from them most: businesses and their customers. We see it as our duty to demystify a topic that will forever change how we move money – which is why we’ve launched our new blog, The Vault.

Our checkout logo

Merchants and partners that have already integrated Volt will now be able to use our new checkout logo, which stands out from incumbent payment options by being noticeably fresher, simpler and cleaner. It alludes to the seamlessness of the Volt payment experience, and speaks to a future where payments are both ultrafast and frictionless. Everywhere.

Looking at the bigger picture, our new brand will help us to take real-time open banking payments mainstream. We’ve launched the world’s first real-time payment network. Now, we’re going to make it real by illustrating it and telling the stories behind it. In doing so, we’re confident of connecting with businesses of all sizes, and consumers of all stripes.

The real-time revolution starts here, and it starts now.

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