What is Pix?

Pix is Brazil’s instant payment system. Created by the country’s central bank, it’s fully integrated into Brazil’s financial system of more than 700 financial institutions.

Seamless expansion

Real-time payments
in Brazil

We’ve integrated Pix with our global real-time payment network, meaning you can seamlessly accept payments from shoppers in Brazil.

We act as your merchant of record, allowing you to receive guaranteed payments without needing a local presence on the ground.

Real-time FX

Cross-border processing

Our Pix integration enables local shoppers to pay you in Brazilian real before you receive the funds in your preferred currency – anywhere in the world.

We minimise currency risk by calculating FX in real time. Payments settle near instantly.

Runaway success

Rapid adoption

Pix has fast become Brazil’s largest payment method. Since launching in November 2020, it’s attracted 130 million users who collectively transact up to R$1bn per month. This level of adoption is unprecedented.