multi-currency cash management

End-to-end cash management.

Benefit from a single view. We put you in the driving seat with a multi-currency IBAN, ensuring total visibility and control over your transactional activity.

Cashflow with control

Manage cashflow with confidence from receipt to reconciliation. You're in control of your cash cycle with Volt's cash management suite, built with high velocity corporate cash cycles in mind.

Your improved cash cycle

Track reconciliation line by line on your Volt-issued IBAN with real-time notifications for payment initiation success and money in. It's also here that you access our payment suite for payouts, refunds and sweeps.
Reconciliation and exceptions
Payouts and refunds
FX and daily sweeps

Next generation suite of tools

We’ve built our industry-leading cash management suite with high velocity corporate cash cycles in mind. We understand the complexity of managing the . Benefit from automated intakes, taking full advantage of fast settlements with open payments.  Welcome to your improved cash cycle.
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Transaction, intake
FX with Volt IBAN
Full control, 50+
Review, resolve
Merchant Payout
Cash sweep into

Next-generation cash management

Stay in control of your open payments experience with Volt cash management. Your improved cash cycle.
Reconciliation management
Review, resolve and expedite payment resolutions with our reconciliation service
Notifications and reporting
Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time notifications and reporting via Fuzebox
Sweeps, payouts and refunds
Tie up loose ends with access to our payment suite for payouts, refunds and daily sweeps

Made by developers

Plug Volt in with just a few lines of code. You're covered with around the clock technical support, extensive documentation, and a beautiful library of components.

Built by developers, for developers.


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Praxis Cashier integrates Volt open payments for merchants

Praxis Cashier’s clients now have access to Volt instant account-to-account payments, bringing next-generation open banking capability to their customers.

GiG signs Volt for Open Banking payments integration

Providing a single source of integration, Volt’s open banking service will enable GIG’s B2B partners to access faster payment options across a wide variety of markets.

Bambora plugs in to deliver Open Banking to iGaming

By tapping into the benefits of Volt payments via Bambora, merchants can now give their customers access to next generation open payments.