Brooke Treseder joins Volt as SVP Revenue Operations

Meet our new SVP Revenue Operations, Brooke Treseder

We recently welcomed Brooke Treseder – our new SVP Revenue Operations – to the Volt family. With 10 years’ experience in operations and strategy leadership, she has some fascinating ideas on what it takes to build a successful company, the vital role of data, and the importance of the merchant experience.

And, fortunately, she was willing to share them in a Q&A…

So, Brooke – what attracted you to Volt?

It was important for me to work at a company where C-level executives had done their jobs elsewhere – they hadn’t just been promoted into their roles. Matt (Chief Revenue Officer) has an impressive resume including 10+ years at PayPal. Steffen, Jordan and Tom have been involved with building and scaling multiple payment companies. The experience of leadership and the great culture that’s been built were the key drivers in me joining Volt.

How have your first few months been?

Everyone is incredibly enthusiastic about having me in the role and to fix problems, which has been amazing. I’ve been treading lightly, to make sure all changes are collaborative.

So far, everyone is really embracing helping me with getting things fixed. Sometimes there’s a culture of “Well, this is how we did it before” but at Volt everyone is very open and collaborative. No one’s been territorial so far – to the point where lots of things have been added to my list!

It’s really exciting to see the things we need to tackle and to know that we can absolutely fix them. We’re doing things in the right way, which is to get all stakeholders with domain knowledge in the room, scope out the requirements and then start building.

What are your priorities for the SVP Revenue Operations role?

The first is making salespeople as efficient as possible, whether that means reducing manual entry into Salesforce, giving them better data on their merchants, or asking them to enter data into only one place. My goal is to remove as many blockers as possible so they can maximise their time selling, because that’s what they’re good at.

The second is getting as many data points as we can. Having really deep insight in your business is an incredible competitive advantage. You need to know what’s working and what’s not, and to have those early indicators. I’ll be embarking on a massive data reconciliation project so we know when leads convert and which lead sources contribute to revenue. If you don’t know what’s going on in your business, how can you make decisions about where to spend money or invest?

The third thing, which I am absolutely fanatical about, is merchant experience. Everything I’m building is to ensure that when a merchant has a touchpoint with us, they have a great experience. The more we know about our merchants, the better experience we can provide. It also makes it easy for them to engage with us. Data doesn’t just help the company make better decisions; it makes it easier for us to better serve our merchants. Operationally, this is how I can help with revenue.

Which teams are you looking forward to collaborating with?

I’m already working with the legal team on legal ops and finance on reporting and analytics. We’re building a data model that will enable deep insight into the business and help with strategy, such as where we should expand to and where we should hire sales reps.

I’m now starting to work a lot with the compliance and implementation teams, and automating their side of the business. It’s great to see how willing they are to have it in Salesforce and get it optimised. We’re doing everything very collaboratively. Everyone is at the table together which makes being at Volt an exciting and rewarding place to work.