International Women's Day

Meet the women leading the charge at Volt

It may be a cliché, but one of the things that makes working at Volt so special is the team. We’re in a historically male-majority industry, but at Volt we’re proud that women play such an integral role in our success.

It’s worth breaking this down. Of our 13 departments and functions, six are led by women: Legal, Revenue Operations, Sales Engineering, Account Management, People & Culture and Executive Assistance.

So, on International Women’s Day, let’s meet some of the women leading the charge at Volt…

Jagoda Kumik

Jagoda Kumik, Senior IT Recruitment Specialist

Jagoda is a true advocate of women in tech. Since joining Volt 18 months ago, she’s helped place lots of super-talented women into critical product and ops roles. “Joining a fast-growing start-up was the best decision I could have made,” she says.

“This work environment enables me to challenge myself, implement my ideas and feel that I impact the decisions being made. Being surrounded by ambitious and open-minded people is also helpful and motivating. It’s great to be here.”

Stephanie Lopes

Stephanie Lopes, General Counsel

Stephanie leads on all things legal at Volt. From intellectual property to company law, there’s a lot that falls under her remit. And, truth be told, we’d be lost without her.

“Working at Volt is fantastic as a female leader,” she says. “We champion women across the whole company, from our product and tech leads to our sales team and across all levels. I really enjoy working with all the Volt ladies and watching them rise through the ranks!”

Agnieszka Cieslawska

Agnieszka Cieslawska, Agile Coach

Agnieszka is a supremely valued member of the engineering team. As our very own Agile Coach, she ensures the team works as effectively, transparently and cohesively as possible – which keeps everyone feeling motivated.

“Volt marked the beginning of fast-forward development for me,” she says. “Over the past year I have conducted product workshops, represented the company at conferences, worked on building better and more efficient teams, and introduced them to the world of Agile.”

Holly Gibbons

Holly Gibbons, Personal Assistant

No one at Volt has ever seen Holly without a smile on her face. Aside from being the personification of positivity, she’s an expert organiser and someone that everyone – especially our leadership team – can depend on.

“I feel absolutely blessed to be surrounded by such strong-minded women at Volt,” she says. “For my first job in fintech this opportunity has totally changed my life. I am very grateful to be a part of this company.”

Alex Araujo

Alex Araujo, Senior Executive Assistant

Alex is, in her own words, the mum of the London office. She looks after us, cares about everyone and keeps the cogs turning (and the social events coming). “Throughout my working career, she says, “I have never felt freer to be me.

“I am surrounded by amazing people, but the women at Volt are incredible. There is no room for rivalry. We have genuine camaraderie and team spirit, and I feel fortunate to be part of a community where women are heard, respected, valued, and accepted for who they are.”

Sofia Murdoch

Sofia Murdoch, Sales Development Representative

A wise head on young shoulders. A bundle of energy. Our resident TikTok expert. There are many ways to describe Sofia, and they’re all accurate. “This is my second fintech sales role and the ladies who surround me empower me more than they realise,” she says.

“Some inspire me so much, others educate me and really push me to be my best. Without the women at Volt, working here would not be the same experience. I am grateful to know such incredible people!”

Brooke Treseder

Brooke Treseder, SVP Revenue Operations

Brooke is a force of nature. A true leader in her field, she’s an amazing implementer and an incredible communicator (as well as being our own champion of Americana). “We have a dynamic group of women at Volt who really care about making a difference,” she says.

“The culture here is so inclusive. Women really celebrate the successes of other women. Whether it’s receiving an award or being promoted, everyone is genuinely happy for each other. It’s a joy building such an exciting fintech with this group.”

Anna Gladka

Anna Gladka, Business Development Director

Anna is an award-winning fintech leader whose vertical-specific open banking knowledge is second to none. She’s an innovator, a risk taker and an incredibly hard worker. “I feel empowered to try new ways of working, knowing that if I make a mistake I will be given the support I need to become better,” she says.

“I am surrounded by the best industry professionals and the kindest people. This allows me to be my true self, challenge myself and others, learn from my colleagues every day and grow with the company.”

Kat Marangos

Kat Marangos, Business Development Director

Kat’s dedication to her work is something to behold. It’s what makes her a true authority in the payments world, and why she’s the first person people go to when they have a question. That, and the fact that she’ll always go out of her way to help.

“One of the things I love about Volt is being able to influence things,” she says. “I can get on a call with the leadership team or the product owners, suggest something and it will get built. Having a voice in an area typically dominated by males is empowering. I’m proud to be representing women in this space.”

Shayne Wilson

Shayne Wilson, Strategy Associate

Shayne has only been with Volt for a month or so, but she’s already making a big impact in our women-majority strategy team. “Working at Volt has been incredible because I’m learning from strong female leaders,” she says.

“It’s a space that promotes female mentorship. I believe the company provides an unparalleled opportunity and platform to excel and collaborate with other women in fintech. I’m very excited to be a part of what’s ahead!”

Amber Omar

Amber Omar, Head of People Operations

Amber knows exactly how to bring out the best in people – how they can play to their strengths, when they need support, and how they can fulfil their ambitions. “From day one at Volt, I have felt like part of a family,” she says.

“My day-to-day role is challenging but rewarding. I’m constantly learning and growing, and I’m thrilled to work with a group of talented, dedicated ladies who work hard every day to achieve our shared goals. Here’s to many more years of growth and success together!”

Desislava Bennett

Desislava Bennett, VP Account Management

Desi’s superpower is relationship management. She does a superb job at looking after our ever-growing merchant portfolio, which boils down to her ability to understand actual people’s professional needs and challenges. “Working at Volt is a true privilege,” she says.

“I feel that I matter and that I can make a difference. Everyone is so humble and respectful of each other. Even though the male presence is slightly larger than the female, I feel in no way less important. I’m always happy to share my opinions, knowing they will be taken into consideration and make an impact.”

Marta Caceres

Marta Caceres, Business Development Director

Marta is a trailblazer, a polyglot and an extremely talented, hugely knowledgeable business development specialist. Rumour has it that she has more event lanyards than hot dinners. Her words form the perfect ending to this celebration of our women Voltologists.

“On our day today,” she says, “I want to wish a very happy International Women’s Day to the strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful women I have the pleasure to work with. You are all an inspiration to me! I hope I can transmit the same to you, and that you know I am here for each and every one of you.”