Embedded checkout: Let customers pay on your website

There’s now an even faster way to check out with Volt. Our new embedded checkout allows your customers to pay, direct from their bank account, on your website.

With fewer redirects and less friction, it’s able to increase conversions and reduce abandonments. By extension, it offers a vastly superior experience to card payments.

Branded checkout experience

At the same time, your brand stays front and centre. Your customers remain on your website. Our hosted payment page is removed from the process. This allows you to deliver a branded payment experience – complete with your colours, fonts and preferred sizes.

Volt's checkout can now be embedded within merchants' websites

We offer this level of customisation not just because we know it’s important, but because it also allows you to test what works best. Our embedded checkout is built to deliver insights that equip you to optimise your shoppers’ user journey.

Optimised bank search

Let’s go into more detail about its features. If your customer’s country is detected, the first thing they’ll see – once they’ve selected Volt as their payment method – is the bank search. (If their country isn’t detected, they’ll need to select it).

Optimised by country and able to recognise typos, it allows users to locate their bank in a matter of seconds. Any additional information banks require – such as IBAN, account number and branch code – can be collected on the same screen.

'Pay by Bank' is selected on the embedded checkout

This is important because it means you can offer a localised payment experience on a global scale. The effect this has on conversion cannot be underestimated.

To make things even easier for customers on mobile, wherever they happen to be, we’ve created an optional full-screen bank search. This gives them more space to find their bank, minus any distractions.

Talking of screen sizes, it’s worth highlighting that our embedded checkout is responsive. There is a minimum screen resolution requirement, but in general it will adapt to whatever size space you allocate it, and whichever screen size your customer is using.

Completing a payment

Once the user has selected their bank, they hit the ‘Pay’ button (which can be positioned within our embedded checkout or, depending on your checkout’s layout, outside it) or scan the QR code to complete their payment via online banking or their bank’s app.

Volt's embedded checkout is easy to integrate

Integrating our embedded checkout is super straightforward, involving just a few lines of code. Beyond any custom options, you don’t have to get involved in any user interface development.

Intrigued? To find out more, and to see it in action, why not arrange a demo?