Terms for the Provision of Payment Account Services by Volt

These Terms and each of the documents we refer to in them are our standard client agreement for providing the Volt electronic money account (“E-money Account”). For your own benefit and protection, you should read these Terms and each of the documents we refer to carefully before signing them. If you do not understand any point please ask us for further information.

VOLT TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 14234292 whose registered office is at Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House St, London W1W 7FA. Volt is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution, under registration number 982594, with permissions to issue electronic money (“E-money”) and provide payment services.

Our services are composed of the supply of an electronic money account (“E-money Account”) which will be linked to “Volt Connect”. You can use the E-money Account to store funds, receive funds from External Accounts (including payments initiated through Volt Connect), and send electronic payments either to an account held by Volt or to a third-party bank or E-money Account. The scope of the services we provide to you is further defined in clause 2.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

These Terms are a legal agreement between VOLT TECHNOLOGIES LTD (“Volt“, “we“, “us“, or “our“) and the client (“Merchant”, “you” or “your”) for us to supply you with the E-money Account.

Documents or information that appear on the Volt Website (as may change from time to time) and that we refer to in these Terms are incorporated into the Terms and form part of your agreement with us. These Terms govern your use of the E-money account and how we provide you with the E-money Services.

You can:

a) get a current version of these Terms in the legal documents section of the Volt Website; or

b) contact us to send you a paper copy of the current Terms.

All information and documents we provide or make available to you will be in English and ongoing communications with you will be in English.

This Agreement is effective upon the date you apply for E-Money Services or an E-Money Account (whichever is sooner) (“Effective Date”) and continues until you or Volt terminates it (this period, the “Term”). The capitalised expressions in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to them below:

Approved Currency means GBP;

Circumstances Beyond Our Control means abnormal and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control including, without limitation, acts of God; expropriation or confiscation of facilities; any form of war, hostilities, rebellion, terrorist activity; local or national emergency; sabotage or riots; floods, fires, explosions or other catastrophes or natural disasters; compliance with a law or government order, rule, regulation or direction; any failure of electronic transfer, computer equipment, software, communications systems; or any form of industrial action;

Electronic Money means electronically (including magnetically) stored monetary value as represented by a claim on the electronic money issuer which is issued on receipt of funds for the purpose of making payment transactions; is accepted by a person other than the electronic money issuer; and is not excluded by regulation 3 of the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

Electronic money account (“E-money Account”) means an account where electronic money is stored.

E-money Services means the issue by us, once we have received Approved Currency from you, of electronic money to a holder’s E-money account and related payment services; 

EEA means European Economic Area, comprising the member states of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein;

Electronic Money Regulations mean the United Kingdom’s Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (S.I. 2011/99);

External Account means any payment account (for instance, a bank account) that is not an E-money account;

Fuzebox Portal: means Volt’s software application described at https://www.volt.io/products/fuzebox (actions on the Fuzebox Portal will be limited until full release as notified to Merchant by Volt);

Original Agreement means the agreement between Volt Technologies Holdings Limited (with company number 12140559) and Merchant, and any variations thereto;

Payment Services Provider, or PSP, means a provider of payment services, including without limitation credit institutions, electronic money institutions and payment institutions, as defined in the relevant laws and regulations;

Payment Transaction means an act, initiated by the payer or recipient, of placing, transferring, or withdrawing funds, irrespective of any underlying obligations between the payer and the recipient;

Security and Log-in Details mean all of your log-in details, passwords, personal identification number or any other identification or security features relating to your use of the E-money account that you may be asked to set up by us from time to time;

Terms means these Terms and Conditions; and 

Volt Website means www.volt.io;

2. The E- Money Account Service

2.1. Subject to the Merchant’s compliance with the Original Agreement and these Terms, Volt will provide the Merchant with an E-money Account which is a multi-currency electronic money account which enables the Merchant to:

2.1.1.hold and store funds with Volt in an Approved Currency;

2.1.2.redeem e-money in the Merchant’s E-money account and send funds from the Merchant’s E-money account to an External Account.

2.2. We will perform our obligations under these Terms and carry out the E-money Services with reasonable care and skill. 

2.3. You can apply for the E-money Services provided that you:

2.3.1. are at least 18 years of age;

2.3.2. reside in any part of the United Kingdom;

2.3.3. do not carry out any illegal behaviour or perform any of the prohibited activities set out by Volt and notified to you. 

2.4. E-money accounts will hold funds in the Approved Currency. 

2.5. When Volt hold funds in an E-money account, that holding of funds differs from a bank holding money for a Merchant in that: (a) Volt cannot and will not use the funds to invest or lend to other persons or entities; (b) the e-money in the E-money account will not accrue interest; and (c) your e-money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Funds corresponding to funds in the E-money account will be held in compliance with the provisions of the Electronic Money Regulations.

2.6. Our records will show the amount of Approved Currency in each Merchant E-money account. A transaction history showing details of the payments the Merchant makes and receives from its E-money account will be available from the Fuzebox Portal.

2.7. The Merchant will need to use its Security and Log-in Details in order to check the balance on its E-money account via the Fuzebox Portal.

2.8. If you are an individual using the E-money Services for personal use, you have a right to cancel the E-money Services within fourteen days of entering into these Terms. If you wish to cancel E-money Services you must notify us in writing of your intention within the stated fourteen days. Cancellation will not affect any accrued rights, indemnities, existing commitments or any other contractual provisions. 

2.9. The Merchant may redeem the full monetary value of the electronic money in its E-money Account at any time and on demand. Volt will charge a fee for you redeeming electronic money in accordance with the order form of the Original Agreement and/or our fees list as updated from time to time.  

2.10. Volt reserves the right to deny third party service providers access to the Merchant’s E-money account for reasonably justified and duly evidenced reasons relating to fraud or lack of authority, including the unauthorized or fraudulent initiation of a Payment Transaction. If Volt denies a payment initiation service provider or an account information service provider access to the Merchant’s E-money account, Volt will notify the Merchant of Volt’s decision and of the reasons for that decision through the Fuzebox Portal, unless that notification is unlawful or could compromise the security of the Merchant’s E-money Account.

3. E-Money Account Currency Exchange 

3.1. When providing the E-money Account to Merchant, we may need to make a currency exchange if the Merchant receives a payment into its E-money Account in a currency other than an Approved Currency.

3.2. E-money accounts will hold funds in GBP (the “Approved Currency”). Where Volt issues E-money, Volt will safeguard the relevant fiat funds in a safeguarding account with its bank in accordance with its regulatory obligations. Safeguarded funds do not have protection under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme, however, the funds are ringfenced in a separate account from Volt’s other funds. If Volt becomes insolvent, claims of E-money holders will be paid from these funds in priority to all other creditors.

3.3. In each case the Merchant accepts that conversion rate used will be the rate used by Volt’s bank as indicated on the Volt Website. The conversion rate that Volt uses will be indicated in the Merchant’s E-money Account after Volt makes the conversion. Volt will invoice any fees the Merchant has agreed to pay for currency conversions.

4. Conditions Relevant to The Use Of E-Money Service

4.1. The Merchant may use an E-money Account to hold funds in an Approved Currency and send electronic payments either to an account held by Volt or to a third-Party bank account.

4.2. If a payment would bring the balance of the Merchant’s E-money account to less than zero (in the Approved Currency of the relevant E-money account) then Volt will refuse to process the payment. There is no overdraft facility available on the E-money Account. 

4.3. If for any reason an E-money account goes into negative balance, you are required to immediately repay such negative balance by loading sufficient funds into the E-money Account to bring it back to at least a zero balance. Any failure to do so is a breach of these Terms. 

4.4. Volt reserves the right to automatically apply any fund transfers to a Merchant’s E-money Account to offset any negative balance. Volt will also be entitled to charge the Merchant for any reasonable expenses incurred as a result of any negative balance on the Merchant’s E-money Account.

4.5. Volt will make payments from the Merchant’s E-money Account in accordance with the payment instructions given unless Volt cannot do so for the reasons described in these Terms. You must give us instructions in accordance with these Terms.

4.6. When requested to do so before making payment from the Merchant’s E-money Account, Volt will provide the Merchant with the following information:

4.6.1. approximately how long it will take Volt to process the payment;

4.6.2. any fees that Volt will apply in order to process the payment; and

4.6.3. where applicable, a breakdown of the amounts that make up these fees.

4.7. As soon as reasonably practicable after Volt has made a payment from the Merchant’s E-money Account Volt will supply the Merchant with:

4.7.1.a reference to identify the payment and payee;

4.7.2. the amount transferred to the payee (in the Approved Currency which the Merchant requested the payment to be made); 

4.7.3. the fees the Merchant must pay for Volt to process the payment with a breakdown of the amounts we charged, if applicable;

4.7.4. any exchange rate which Volt has applied in order to process the payment; and

4.7.5. the date the E-money account was debited.

4.8. As soon as reasonably practicable after Volt receives a payment into the Merchant’s E-money Account Volt will supply the Merchant with:

4.8.1. a reference to identify the payment and payer and any information that was transferred with the payment;

4.8.2. the amount of the payment (in the Approved Currency) which has been credited to the E-money Account; 

4.8.3. the charges payable to receive the payment with a breakdown of the amount charged, if applicable; and

4.8.4. the date the E-money Account was credited. 

4.9. The Merchant will be able to view, at any time through the Fuzebox Portal, the information contained in clauses 4.7 to 4.8 above, as well as information on any exchange rates Volt has applied when carrying out currency conversions. That information may be viewed by Payment Transaction or on consolidated statements of account for different monthly periods. 

4.10. Volt may limit the value and/or the number of transfers of funds the Merchant can instruct Volt to make into or out of an E-money Account depending on the Merchant’s country of residence, verification status, and other factors Volt considers reasonable. Volt’s current limits are shown in the Fuzebox Portal. Such limits may be changed from time to time as posted to the Volt Website.

4.11. To receive the E-Money Services, you must:

4.11.1. comply with any reasonable instructions for the use of the E-money Services, including those within any operational or user documentation that Volt issues;

4.11.2. check that the instructions given to Volt to make a payment are accurate and correct;

4.11.3. not use the E-money Services in any unlawful way or for money laundering, tax evasion or for any other unlawful purpose;

4.11.4. comply with all Applicable Laws or regulations to pay and report all taxes to the applicable authority in relation to funds paid into the E-money account;

4.11.5. not introduce any viruses or harmful code to Volt’s systems.

4.12. The Merchant must pay for any costs or losses Volt suffers as a result of claims arising from any:

4.12.1. failure by the Merchant to comply with clause 4.11; 

4.12.2. misuse of the E-money account;

4.12.3. intentional inaccuracy in: any information give to Volt (including any customer due diligence information); or any instructions given for E-money Services.

4.13. Where the Merchant instructs a payment which is a refund to an end user, the following terms apply:

4.13.1. the Merchant confirms that it is solely responsible for processing refunds and providing support to end users regarding refunds. The Merchant agrees to maintain and make available to end users a reasonable return, refund, cancellation, or adjustment policy, and clearly explain the process by which end users can receive a refund; 

4.13.2. refunds may only be instructed by those users of the Merchant who have been given specific permissions in the Fuzebox Portal; and

4.13.3. the Merchant may only issue refunds: (i) to an account in the name of the end user which initiated the relevant Payment Transaction; and (ii) in respect of the full value of the Payment Transaction. Any refund instruction which does not comply with these requirements will not be processed.

5. E-Money Account Security 

5.1. The Merchant must:

5.1.1. treat the funds held in its E-money account prudently; and

5.1.2. take all reasonable steps to keep all Security and Log-in Details safe, secure and confidential, The Merchant must use its Security and Log-in Details in accordance with the instructions given by Volt on issue.

5.2. Volt takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for the use of the E-money account by someone other than the Merchant.

5.3. If the Merchant suspects any Security and Log-in Details have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, used without authorisation or otherwise compromised, you must contact Volt immediately by emailing support@volt.io

5.4. Volt may stop the Merchant using any Security and Log-in Details if Volt has reasonable grounds to believe they are no longer confidential or have been used fraudulently or without the Merchant’s authorisation. Where possible and lawful, Volt will use reasonable endeavours to notify the Merchant by email, telephone or SMS using the latest contact details supplied to Volt before stopping use of such identification or security feature.  

5.5. Volt will either reinstate the Security or Log-in Details as soon as practicable after the reasons for stopping its use have ceased or, at that time, issue the Merchant with replacement Security or Log-in Details to use.

6. Reporting payment transaction disputes

6.1. If the Merchant believes that any Payment Transaction its E-money Account was used for was:

6.1.1. not authorised by Merchant; or

6.1.2. incorrectly paid into or paid out from the E-money account, 

then the Merchant must notify Volt without delay as soon as becoming aware of it.

6.2. If the Merchant is the recipient of a Payment Transaction that has been executed late, and Volt receives a request from the Merchant’s payer’s PSP, Volt will ensure that the credit value date used in the E-money account is no later than the date the amount of the Payment Transaction would have been value dated if the Payment Transaction had been executed on time. Conversely, where the Merchant is the payer to a Payment Transaction that is executed late, the Merchant may ask Volt to request the recipient’s PSP to credit value date the recipient’s account as if the Payment Transaction had been executed correctly.

6.3. Unless the Merchant has acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, it will not be liable for any losses resulting from an unauthorised Payment Transaction:

6.3.1. after the Merchant has notified Volt in accordance with these Terms;

6.3.2. if the Merchant could not notify Volt due to Volt’s failure to provide the means to tell Volt about Security and Log-in Details that have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, used without authorisation, or otherwise compromised; or

6.3.3. if Volt fails to apply strong customer authentication, where this is required by Applicable Law. 

6.4. Volt accepts responsibility for such reasonable charges or interest the Merchant is required to pay as a result of Volt not carrying out the Merchant’s payment instruction or doing so incorrectly.

7. Payment Transactions with Incorrect Information

7.1. For payments to External Accounts or other e-wallets, the Merchant must ensure that the information you provide is correct and complete. Volt will not be responsible for money sent to the wrong recipient or losses incurred as a result of incorrect information provided by the Merchant.

7.2. If the Merchant provides incorrect information, then:

7.2.1. Volt are not responsible for failing to carry the Payment Transaction out or for carrying it out in accordance with instructions;

7.2.2. Volt will make reasonable efforts to recover the transferred funds and may charge a fee as set out in the applicable fees list for this; and

7.2.3. if Volt is unable to recover the funds, Volt will, upon written request, provide Merchant with all relevant information available to Volt (subject to applicable law) in order for the Merchant to attempt to claim repayment of the funds. 

7.3. If the Merchant is recipient of a Payment Transaction made with an incorrect information, the Merchant instructs Volt to cooperate with the payer’s PSP in its efforts to recover the funds, in particular by providing it with all relevant information for the collection of the funds.

7.4. If the Merchant instructs Volt to make a Payment Transaction, Volt will use its reasonable endeavours to carry it out and for doing so correctly. 

7.5. If you have provided the wrong information to us, you may ask us to assist you in recovering the money, but we cannot guarantee such efforts will be successful and we reserve the right to charge you a fee to cover our reasonable costs for doing this.

8. Instructions relating to the making of Payment Transactions

8.1. Volt will consider any instruction for a Payment Transaction to be authorised by the Merchant once the Merchant has given Volt consent to carry it out. The Merchant consents to making a payment by following the on-screen prompts when using the Fuzebox Portal and using one of the tools Volt makes available to confirm payments. When making a payment to an E-money Account held with Volt the Merchant will be prompted to provide the recipient’s account number. If the Merchant is making a payment to an External Account, it must provide Volt with the sort code and account number the Merchant wants to make the payment to (such as the Sort Code, account number, IBAN or SWIFT, as appropriate).

8.2. Unless there is a problem with the Fuzebox Portal Volt will ordinarily receive the Payment Transaction instruction at the time the Merchant confirms it but: 

8.2.1. if the function is available in Fuzebox Portal, and the Merchant instructs Volt to carry out a Payment Transaction on a specific day, then Volt will treat the time of receipt of the instruction as being on that specified day.

8.2.2. if Volt receives the instruction on a day which is not a Business Day, Volt will treat the instruction as being received on the next Business Day;

8.2.3. if Volt receives the instruction after 2pm on a Business Day, Volt will treat the instruction as being received on the next Business Day

8.3. Once Volt has received confirmation of a payment instruction ordinarily it cannot be withdrawn it unless Volt agrees or unless the payment instruction is to make a payment on a specified future date. For payments on a specified future date, the Merchant can revoke the payment instruction up until the end of the Business Day preceding the day that the Merchant instructed Volt to make the payment on unless Volt agrees to revoke it later. Volt’s charges for revocation of a payment instruction are set out in the applicable fees list. If a Payment Transaction is made through a payment initiation service provider, the Merchant may not revoke the payment instruction after giving consent to the payment initiation service provider to initiate the payment.

8.4. If Volt declines to carry out an instruction, Volt will notify the Merchant where lawful to do so, by displaying a message on the Fuzebox Portal at the time Volt refuses to make the payment, and, if possible, will confirm the reason.

9. Suspension and termination

9.1. These Terms and the E-money Services will continue until terminated or suspended under this clause 9

9.2. If we:

9.2.1. reasonably believe that there has been a breach of these Terms or any other conditions applicable to our services, including the Original Agreement;

9.2.2. have reasonable suspicion of fraudulent or criminal activity concerning the use of the E-money Services;

9.2.3. have a reasonable belief that we are required to do so by law; or

9.2.4. are given a direction to do so by any regulator or other competent regulatory, tax or other authority,

we may, by providing you with immediate notice in writing:

9.2.5. terminate or suspend any or all of the E-money Services;

9.2.6. withhold funds from you or restrict your access to funds; and/or

9.2.7. refuse to make payments from/to your E-money account. 

9.3. If the E-money Services are terminated, then these Terms shall terminate.

9.4. We will inform you of any such actions we take under clause 9.2, unless we have a reasonable belief that we are prevented from doing so by Applicable Law.

9.5. We may terminate these Terms, for any reason, by providing you with at least 2 months’ notice in writing.

9.6. You may terminate these Terms at any time by providing us with 1 months’ notice.

10. Closing your E-money Account

10.1. If the E-money Services are terminated for any reason:

10.1.1. we will ask you to provide us details of where you would like us to transfer the balance of your E-money Account to, provided that your chosen option is available and there is no limit or other restriction for us to do so, after deducting any charges due and payable by you; and

10.1.2. any of your or our rights or liabilities which have accrued prior to the termination shall continue until fully discharged by the relevant party, save for any rights or liabilities which are expressed to continue after these Terms end.

10.2. We reserve the right not to provide an explanation on our decision regarding restricting, blocking, or closing an E-money Account where providing this information would compromise reasonable security measures or would be unlawful.

10.3. You may not instruct us to carry out any further E-money service on your E-money Account after the E-money Services have been terminated.

10.4. When you give us notice to close your E-money Account you will not be entitled to a refund of any transactions you have made or of any fees or costs that you may have incurred on the E-money Account, which are then due and payable by you. We may deduct these fees from the balance on your E-money Account. We will close your E-money Account after all amounts have been paid by you or deducted by us. We will transfer any balance remaining on your E-money
Account to the most recent details you have given us of either a debit card or bank account in your name.

10.5. You acknowledge that we will store personal information about you and your transactions for at least 6 years after your E-money Account is closed. 

11. Limitation of Liability 

11.1. If we fail to comply with a provision of these Terms, we are responsible only for loss or damage you suffer that is a result of that non-compliance. Loss or damage is ‘foreseeable’ if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the Services were provided, both we and you knew that there was a reasonable likelihood that it might happen in the ordinary course of events (and not because of the existence of any exceptional circumstances, whether or not we were aware of them).

11.2. We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents, representatives or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, including pre-contract fraudulent misrepresentation or fraudulent concealment; or for breach of your legal rights where it would be unlawful to exclude or limit such legal rights in relation to the services.

11.3. We are not liable for indirect losses. If you use the services for any different commercial or business purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

11.4. In the case of an unauthorised payment or mistake due to our error, we shall at your request promptly refund the payment amount to your E-money Account and in any event no later than the end of the Business Day following the day on which we became aware of the unauthorised Payment Transaction. This shall not apply if:

11.4.1. the mistake or incorrect performance was due to you providing us with incomplete or incorrect information or was otherwise due to your fault;

11.4.2. you have acted fraudulently, in which case we will not refund you in any circumstances;

11.4.3. we are able to show that the authorised amount was received at the appropriate time by the payee;

11.4.4. you do not let us know about unauthorised or incorrectly completed Payment Transaction within 13 months from the date of the Payment Transaction. 

11.5. We will have no liability to you for failure to process or incorrect processing of a Payment Transaction where the reason for this was our inability to process the Payment Transaction for reasons we determine in our discretion, acting reasonably, to be necessary for our compliance with legal or regulatory obligations we are subject to.

11.6. You shall be liable to us and repay us for any loss or damage suffered by us as a result of your breach of these Terms or fraudulent use of our services. This includes any legal costs that we may incur in order to enforce our rights or recover any amounts you owe us. 

11.7. We are not responsible for any breach of these Terms by us, or for any loss you incur in connection with such breach, due to any Circumstances Beyond Our Control. 

11.8. Save as required by any applicable law or regulation, Volt has no obligations whatsoever to any taxation or similar authority in respect of any taxation or other similar duty or levy payable by any E-money account holder. It is the Merchant’s obligation to pay all taxes, duties and levies that are payable by it in respect of any E-money Account and the E-money Services.

11.9. If any Circumstances Beyond Our Control occur, we may take any action we consider appropriate in connection with the E-Money Services and use reasonable endeavours to end the Circumstances Beyond Our Control. 

12. Data Protection

12.1. In this clause 12, the terms “controller”, “data subject”, “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning given in the Data Protection Legislation relevant to the processing in question. 

12.2. The parties acknowledge and agree that each is a separate data controller in respect of personal data which is shared and processed by the parties pursuant to this Agreement relating to each party’s personnel and Authorised Users.

12.3. Each party shall, and shall procure that its personnel and agents shall comply with:

12.3.1. Data Protection Legislation when it processes personal data in connection with this Agreement; and 

12.3.2. good industry practice relating to data protection, and implementation and maintenance of information security policies, processes and back-up systems.  

12.4. The Merchant shall provide each member of its personnel whose personal data is provided to Volt a copy of Volt’s privacy notice, located at https://www.volt.io/generalprivacy

12.5. Without limitation to clause 12.3 the parties agree to: 

12.5.1. only process the data for the purposes agreed between the parties from time to time, namely the fulfilment of each party’s obligations under this Agreement and the provision of the Services to Authorised Users;

12.5.2. ensure that all data subjects are notified, in a manner that complies with Data Protection Legislation, about the nature of the data being shared, the type of recipient that will be receiving the personal data and the nature of the activities that will be carried out by the respective parties;

12.5.3. ensure that the personal data they share is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; 

12.5.4. respond to requests or notices from data subjects as required as a data controller and, where a request or notice received by a party relates to the other party’s processing, notify the data subject that the other party is a separate data controller and that the data subject should contact the other party separately if he or she wishes to send a notice or make a request to that party;

12.5.5. notify the receiving party without undue delay where it receives a request from a data subject that might reasonably be expected to affect the receiving party’s data processing; 

12.5.6. notify the receiving party as soon as reasonably practical (in writing with full details) if it suspects or becomes aware of any breach of security of personal data, or loss or corruption or deletion of, or damage to personal data which has been shared with the receiving party where this has the potential to cause business disruption or reputational damage to the receiving party; and

12.5.7. ensure that personal data will not be kept for longer than necessary and will be destroyed in an appropriate manner when no longer required.

13. Notices and communication

13.1. You agree and consent to electronic receipt of all communications that we provide in connection with our services. We will provide communications to you by making them available on the Fuzebox Portal or by emailing them to you at the primary email address listed in the order form of the Original Agreement.

13.2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you log onto the Fuzebox Portal regularly and regularly review the Fuzebox Portal, the Volt Website and your primary email address inbox and open and review communications that we deliver to you through those means. You are obligated to review your notices and Transaction history, and to promptly report any questions, apparent errors, or unauthorised Payment Transactions. Failure to contact us in a timely manner may result in loss of funds or important rights.

13.3. We may contact you from time to time to notify you of changes or information regarding your E-Money Account. It is your responsibility to ensure you regularly check the Fuzebox Portal and that your contact information stored on your profile in the Fuzebox Portal is up to date. You may contact us in accordance with these Terms via the chat function on the Fuzebox Portal.

14. General 

14.1. You shall not assign, transfer, mortgage, charge, declare a trust over or deal in any other manner with your rights and obligations under these Terms without the prior written consent of Volt (which may be withheld at Volt’s absolute discretion). Volt may at any time assign, transfer, mortgage, charge, declare a trust over or deal in any other manner with our rights and obligations under these Terms, provided that it has given prior written notice of such dealing to you. You shall execute any document reasonably required by us to give effect to any such dealing.

14.2. In the event you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, please contact us. We will send you a final response letter within 15 business days of receipt of your complaint. In exceptional circumstances, we will send you a holding reply within 15 business days specifying the deadline by which you will receive our response, being not later than 35 business days from the date of your initial complaint. If you do not receive our final response or you are unhappy with our final response, if you are an eligible complainant, you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Further information, contact details and the eligibility requirements can be found at their website at www.financialombudsman.org.uk. The FOS can also be contacted at Exchange Tower, London EE14 9SR.

14.3. Volt may change these Terms and any applicable fees list from time to time by providing thirty (30) days’ prior notice to the Merchant (an “Update Notice”). Any changes to these Terms will be binding on the Merchant from the date set out in the Update Notice. If the Merchant does not agree to the changes to the Terms as identified in an Update Notice, the Merchant may terminate these Terms by providing written notice to Volt in advance of the date on which the amendments would become binding. Where the Merchant does not provide such notice prior to the amendments becoming binding, by continuing to use the E-money Services, including, without limitation, the E-money Account, the Merchant agrees that it consents to any such changes to these Terms.

14.4. Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Terms, these Terms are for the sole benefit of the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns and nothing herein, express or implied, is intended to or shall confer upon any other person any legal or equitable right, benefit or remedy of any nature whatsoever, under or by reason of these Terms. Volt may agree to rescind or vary these Terms without the consent of any other person or entity. Except as provided above, these Terms are not intended to be for the benefit of and shall not be enforceable by any person under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. 

14.5. Any delay or failure by us to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms is not to be considered a waiver of that right or remedy and it will not stop us from exercising it at any subsequent time.

14.6. Should any provision of these Terms be deemed unenforceable, invalid or illegal, the remaining provisions will nevertheless continue in full force and effect. The remaining provisions of these Terms shall be interpreted so as best to reasonably effect the intent of the parties. The parties further agree that any such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provisions will be deemed replaced with valid, legal and enforceable provisions that achieve, to the extent possible, the business purposes and intent of such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provisions. 

14.7. These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including any dispute or claim relating to non-contractual obligations) will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

14.8. The Parties agree that the courts of England shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).