Volt Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Owsiański

Meet our Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Owsiański

The world of open banking and real-time payments is one that is innovative and fast-moving, with new trends and solutions emerging every year. That said, agility is key for success in such a competitive industry. 

No one knows this better than our Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Owsiański, who – from our office in Warsaw, Poland – leads one of Volt’s biggest teams: engineering. How has he seen our company evolve since joining in 2021? And what words of wisdom does he have for those looking to follow in his footsteps? Let’s find out.  

Hi Daniel! How would you sum up the role of CTO? 

As CTO, my role centres around shaping and nurturing an engineering culture that aligns with Volt’s vision. This involves growing our team and developing a robust toolset and mindset that will support not only our current needs but also prepare us for the future challenges and engineers who will join our company.

How much has Volt changed since you first started?

When I joined Volt shortly after our Series A funding in 2021, the entire company was smaller than our engineering team today. In just two and a half years, almost everything has transformed – our growth, scale, scope, and responsibilities have all expanded dramatically. We are now serving clients across different continents, not just in the EU. 

However, rapid growth brings its own set of challenges, such as managing increasing technical debt and scaling our operations efficiently. We are continuously refining our processes and technology to ensure that we not only grow but improve and maintain the high standards our clients expect. Central to our success is the incredible team we’ve built; their expertise, dedication, and innovative spirit are the backbone of our engineering prowess.

How does Volt’s use of technology make us stand out?

Today, technology alone doesn’t set a company apart; rather, it’s the culture that utilises it. At Volt, we thrive on a culture of ownership and autonomy. We tend to decentralise decision-making and always aim to match the right technology to the task at hand, setting us apart in an industry filled with legacy systems and organisational structures.

What technological advancements in the world of open banking excite you the most? 

The real-time aspect of transactions excites me the most. In an age where information moves at the speed of light, there’s no reason for money transfers to lag behind. We’re crafting a more interconnected world, and in it, payments should also be seamless and instantaneous. Real time is the only time for us at Volt.

For those looking to build a career in tech, what advice would you give them?

We are living in transformative times. For those looking to build a career in tech, it’s crucial to embrace AI and remote work as tools that can propel your career forward. Adaptability and continuous learning are key, allowing you to leverage these advancements effectively.

Most importantly, never underestimate the power of people and teamwork. The era of the lone inventor has passed; today, collaboration and collective effort drive innovation.

We’re always looking for new talent to join our global team as we continue to grow. Check out our current open opportunities.